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The company is also in to manufacturing of adhesive required in furniture. Due to ban on import of furniture, there are bright prospects of development of furniture manufacturing. Also the adhesive find their application in packaging for carton sealing etc. Due to encouragement given to local industry to manufacture goods, the demand for adhesive in packaging is increasing by 20%. 

The company produces adhesive used in fixing of ceramic, marble and granites. The construction industry is developing and the requirement for this adhesive is increasing by around 18% per annum. The company has applied to Standard Organisation of Nigeria for mancap registration and is hopeful of getting the products certified at the earliest.

Our Specialization

Bulk importer & Manufacturer of Adhesives

Marketer of Various Construction, Food, Textile, Cosmetics & Paint Chemicals

Marketer of Various High Quality Adhesives

Adhesives For Various Industries, Welding Machine & Power Tools

Marketer of Building Materials & Chemicals

Fragrance For Various Applications & Air Turbo Ventilator


Our Aim

Customer Satisfaction is Our Sole Aim.

The Future

In its over two decade of existence, the company has acquired a very good reputation and considered as one of the most reliable and dependable supplier of construction chemicals, general chemicals and other building materials. Now the company is poised for a quantum leap. The plans of expansion and diversification are under implementation for the year 2017. 

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